Dearest friends, life on the west coast has been wonderful and crazy.

This past week has been especially insane.

I have seen and learned such an incredible amount this week, that rather than use the tiny amount of time I had each night to quickly write a lesson, I wanted to allow myself a reasonable, full, and fair amount time to get everything on the page.

I figured better “late” than completely rushed… and completely shitty.

Those were my thoughts after a fantastic happening on Tuesday night.

Then again on Wednesday.

And Thursday.

And Friday.

And Saturday.

And now today.


In the midst of this hectic time—using my last few weeks to explore LA, (attempting to) kick butt at my internship, and editing an entire wedding video—I have to apologize for the delay.

But like last hiatus,

I scribbled down notes each day.

Now to just put them into coherent words.

You can expect quite a few lessons over the next 48 hours.

Get ready for a week worth of stories about an all-star writer, advice from Andy Cohen, an experience with Joel McHale, losing, fucking up, realizing I’m not over it—and my favorite—just learning.

Talk to you soon.

x Mia


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