Lesson #8: Take the totem. {Year #2}


This year I quit my decently paying job [that I was not happy with] at the bottom of the totem pole to start a poorly paying job [that I was excited to pursue]… at the bottom of another totem pole.  [Ahh — sweet, sweet post-graduate life.]

While a lot has changed, one thing has remained the same.

People love to talk about the big How.

By this, I mean that people at both the top and the bottom of the so-called “totem pole” love giving advice about how to get where they are, or how to get to where they are going.

And nooooot in the inspirational way.

I’ve met too many people that tell others “Okay this is the track you have to take to get here” and “These are the positions you need to hold” and “This is who you need to know” so matter-of-factly, and then people my age take it and regurgitate it to everyone else around them. And I just don’t think that’s healthy.

While I don’t doubt that their wisdom has truth to it [I mean — they’re the ones who are where they are], I also doubt that everyone’s path will look the same.

Today’s lesson— or maybe more so of an observation — is this:

Stop trying to climb the totem pole that someone else has already created.

Create your own.

Lesson 8, Year 2.


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