Guest Lessons

Lessons from all around the world.

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1. “Move On” by Madi Horner:

2. “It’s not too late to start a new beginning” by Rigoberto Juarez:

3. “It’s OK” by Julie Hirschhorn:

4. “Be Happy, Even on the Bad Days” by Kara Carter:

5. “Trying your Best” by Julie Hirschhorn:

6. “It’s okay to be stubborn, sometimes” by Anonymous:

7. “Life Happens” by Cherese Jackson:

8. “Shine Bright, Shine Far” by Tori Brown:

9. “Enjoy the little things” by Anonymous:

10. “Lessons Learned” by Ryan Thomas Boals:

11. “Unanswered Prayers” by Katie Tomlin:

12. “Don’t settle for the lemonade” by Anonymous:

13. “Trusting your instincts” by Anonymous:

14. “Just Breathe” by Amanda Martin:

15. “Choose Wisely” by Shane Van Hoy:

16. “Tears speak louder than words” by Natalia Delgado:

17. “Things I know to be true” by Julie Hirschhorn:

18. “Be Happy” by Anna Peck:

19. “Confessions of a College Grad” by Joey Cathey:

20. “Relationships are vital to life and success” by Cherese Jackson:

21. “It’s okay to cry behind your sunglasses: A lesson on long-term gratification” by Michelle Mullins:

22. “A lesson on lessons” by Hayley Verdeyen:

23.  “The art of being average” by Brenna Cashen:

24. “Don’t you dare wish time away” by Morgan Weitzel:

25. “Perspective” by Jeremy Benbow:

26.  “Be your own best friend” by Lexie Thrash:

27. “Dreams” by Morgan Galvin:

28. “Crying while eating salad” by Frannie Nejako:

29. “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” by Joe McGraw:

30. “I forgot to floss today: A lesson on living your values” by Taylor Jackson:

31. “Tell yourself you can” by Kandace Florence:

32. “Listen to the guy that was friends with a volleyball… I’m not kidding” by Lauren Makely:

33. “What is rest? A question from the girl with mono” by Nikole Gregg:

34. “Timing…” by MaRae Fleming:

35.  “It isn’t that easy” by Michael Galfetti:

36. “How to be a gardener” by Monise Brabham:


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