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Lesson #333: The unavoidable “life isn’t fair” lesson.


Sometimes in life we will work our hardest and still not get what we want.

Or at least—

what we think we deserve.

Sometimes we can fight for it,

and sometimes fighting for it won’t do a damn thing.

And it sucks.

It’s a hard lesson not just to learn, but to accept.

But it’s just a fact of life, I guess.

Day 333.


Lesson #283: Why today is not really a lesson.


Where. Do. I. Fucking. Start.

Let’s not.

Because if I do,

there is no telling what I’ll say, or when I’ll finish, or how many things I might accidentally set on fire.

With that being said,

Today’s lesson.

Take a deep breath.

Don’t say anything you will regret.

And confront it when you’re ready.

Day 283.

Lesson #119: Not okay.


When something is not okay,

you have to say it’s not okay.

Even if it kills you.

Day 119.

Lesson #26: Choose happiness.


Be happy.

Well isn’t that easy to say.

…When you’re happy.

When you’re not?

Try saying that three times really fast.

Happiness has been an easy part of my life for a very long time.

So when it slipped away,

I was frazzled.

Happiness was an easy part of my life for a very long time, because things were easy.

But the moment things got hard, I became I flustered. I was confused when happiness wasn’t at my fingertips. When it wasn’t at the palm of my hands.

I filled the void with confusion. And when that wasn’t enough, I filled it with sadness. And when that wasn’t enough, I filled it with agitation, until it became a tiny, muted anger. I was just angry, all the time. I was silently disconnected, distracted, different, and dazed, and I didn’t feel like myself.

Sometimes, happiness doesn’t seem like an option. 

But just because it’s not at arm’s length doesn’t mean it’s not within your grasp.

I made the decision to reach out a little bit further.

And it was right there.

I laugh now.

How could I be so silly?

Sometimes, happiness isn’t all easy access.

Sometimes, it’s just not floating around.

I know.

I’m lazy too.

But sometimes,

you might have to bend a little bit.

Heck, you might have to get up and walk across the room.

But happiness is always there.

It’s always an option.

You just have to choose it.

Things start to look up when you choose to be happy.

When you choose to be okay with where you’re at in life.

When you choose to recognize that right now,

this fricking sucks.

But this won’t last forever.

It really won’t.

Here’s my lesson for you.

My little challenge.

It’s easy to be happy.

But what makes truly great character is choosing to be happy.

Choose to be happy, until you are happy.

Then one day, you won’t even realize you are choosing anymore.

Now try saying that three times really fast.

Day Twenty-Six.