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Lesson #190: Talk yourself into it. (Or out of it.)


Sometimes you don’t need advice.

Sometimes, what you need is to talk yourself through the situation.

Tell me you haven’t seen a chick flick where Kate Hudson is gushing to her best friend about how much she could never have feelings for her best friend because he is just her best friend and they’ve been close since the ninth grade and it would just be weird and at one point she thought he was gay but he’s so nice and he is always there for her (like that time she cried over the man with the golden retriever that stood her up) and he is a great listener and he kind of has a nice body and— oh my gosh. She’s in love with him.

If you’re anything like me,

you’ve never been stood up by a man with a golden retriever.

But the Kate-Hudson-chick-flick stock character can teach us something.

Sometimes we don’t need advice. Honestly, do you really need another voice in your head?

What you need is a lunch date, a phone call, or a five minute chat in the bathroom—and another human being.

Really, take anyone who is willing to listen.

What is the dilemma? What are your choices? Why is this so hard for you? Why is this so easy for you? Is it serving you? Is it helping you grow? Is it not? What can you do without? What will you miss? What could you not give two shits about? Where do you see yourself in the future?

But these are just some questions I talked myself through today.

Every person is different.

And even for the same person, every situation you come across is different.

I can’t tell you where to begin, or what to talk about.

There is no order, or script, or agenda.

Just start.

Explain everything unapologetically. Bare it all.

I wouldn’t say this is venting, because it’s not.

It’s more like you, talking to yourself. Talking yourself through the situation.

Go ahead.

You’ll be surprised when suddenly,

you may know exactly what you want after all.

Day 190.