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Lesson #320: Winesdom. (Wine and Wisdom)


The best part about wine night with your girls (or guys or roommates or friends) is the drunken (but somehow) alwyas true wisdom that comes along with it.

Let’s take tonight.

After my roommate Frannie and I headed to our room and climbed into our beds, we drunkenly chatted in the dark for about twenty minutes. It was absolutely hilarious.

But nothing short of fantastic.

In a more put together and slightly less slurred fashion, I’ll summarize the winesdom Frannie blessed me with at 12:30am. Take notes.

You’re placed with the people you’re placed with for a reason. You’re meant to learn and grow from them. The time that you’re given has been provided so that you may build relationships with the people around you—use it. But always remember, you’re there for a reason. It’s no mistake.

And second,

When you’ve been given a gift, use that also. There are no gift receipts for talent, no take backs on what you’ve been called and are meant to do.

You heard her, people.

Get out there and use it all up.

Make the most of your time, and make the most of what you do, and what you can do.

Nothing goes without purpose.

Day 320.


Lesson #317: How to fail.


Today was the first day of our LA summer classes.

Phoef Sutton, the executive producer and one of the writers for the legendary show, Cheers, came to speak to our group of twenty students.

I know you’re probably all tired of hearing about the entertainment industry…

…but it’s sort of my life.

So buckle up.

There’s two very important things I gained insight on today.

1) How to fail…because it’s going to happen.

2) How to succeed………..because it’s also going to happen.

Let’s start with number one, shall we?

How to fail.

Sometimes, your pitch for a project or idea will be met with laughter—or even worse—silence. If you’re a chef, you’re going to have at least one or two shitty recipes. If you’re an architect, you’re going to create many blueprints that just don’t work. If you’re a teacher, you’re going to have one or three or five lesson plans that flop. Out all of the great things you are destined to do in your career or in life—there is going to be one or two things you produce that absolutely suck. That’s a promise. And that’s life. But that’s okay.

Walk in the room, know and believe that what you’re bringing to the table is the absolute best thing ever—and when the day comes that it’s not—laugh it off.

On to the next project.

And on to number two.

How to succeed.

Ah, some good news.

Turns out, success is promised just as much as failure.

Sutton said the entertainment industry is “impossible to get into.” He described it as a wall that can’t be penetrated.

But he reminded us to look around.

Every television show, every film, every Netflix series?

A producer, writer, director, and so on is behind every single one.

You have to find a way to get through the wall; a place to squeeze or break in.

Our professor, Tom, added on to the comment:

“Yes, there really is no real way to get in. But people get in all the time because people are always needed.”

Tom also said this, which I loved.

Everyone is searching. Talent is rarely undiscovered in LA, because people are always looking for something or someone great. Even if it takes 10 years, you will get found out.”

It’s all about persistence.

And it’s only a matter of time.

Yesterday at an italian restaurant on Sunset, I had dinner with my cousin who has been modeling out in LA for a few years. As we were leaving, a man sitting in the back corner with his entourage (I use the term lightly) looked over at me and said: “Beautiful dress. Beautiful girl.” I thanked him, and we engaged in a brief, friendly conversation.

Come to find out, this guy runs an entire modeling agency. While I wasn’t quite sure if he was attempting to recruit me or not, I told him I was from Virginia and was only here a short amount of time. He told me this:

“Los Angeles is a great place. There’s endless opportunity out here.”

So as it turns out, yesterday’s random fiasco ironically ties into part of today’s lesson.

Success is everywhere!

But here’s what I’ve learned from experience and from class today:

You can’t always go out asking for experience.

Sometimes, you have to create experience for yourself.

Both success and failure are promised. But you choose which one you let triumph the other.

Day 317.

Lesson #291: What I learned when I just went for it.


Whether you’re uncomfortable with stepping out of your comfort zone, scared you might fail, or embarrassed by the lack of things you know:

1. Start somewhere.

You don’t and won’t get experience if you never put yourself out there and physically go after what you want. Seth Kingsley, one of the head writers and producers at E!, emailed me this after I sent him my resume:

You rock. I love students who know what they want to do and go after it! I talk to kids all the time who say they want to be writers but don’t write. Or aspiring actors who don’t act. You, on the other hand, are getting things done! So keep it up.

I promise you, I didn’t realize that what I was doing was special. I still don’t. I’m just truly doing what I love to do. But what Seth said inspired me to think about my life and pursuing my dreams even more. Actually—it helped me today in my attitude towards tackling what seemed like something I didn’t know how to do or think I could do: just go for it.

A few months ago, a friend from high school saw my final video project that I talked about in a previous lesson, and asked me to film her wedding. My response:

“…………You know I’ve never done that before right?”

She told me she knew. But she believed in what I could do.

Honestly, I was scared shitless. All the way up until today, and even all the way through the wedding, I was terrified.

All I could keep thinking was: “Am I doing this right? Do I look stupid? Am I getting the right things?” 

My lesson of the day isn’t “how to stop nervous thoughts” or “overcome them” or ‘”solve them.” Oh, no. When you’re nervous, you’re nervous. When you’re scared, you’re scared.

But as you’ve probably heard before,

do it afraid.

Do it not knowing what you’re doing or if it’s right. Do it with questions. Do it with doubt.

But do it with belief that that you can get through it, that you will learn from it, and that it’s your first step towards something.

2.If you want something, don’t settle for not getting it.

Gonna be real for a moment.

Sometimes I just have to hope and pray the whole world doesn’t read this blog.

Tonight, I also met a really attractive and nice guy. And we ended up kissing.

This is completely not like me.

No. You don’t understand.

If an attractive person even looks in my direction, I’m like: “What are words?”

But tonight, I decided that it wasn’t going to end with me going home and wishing we had kissed. It was going to happen.

It was somewhat obvious that we might be into each other. And then it became blatantly obvious. We talked all night, but then it started to get late so I said bye. I looked back at him and walked really slow. He laughed at me from down the hallway and caught up with me to walk me out. When we got to the door, we awkwardly stood there for a minute and then said bye again and went our separate ways. I got in my car and was like, “What? What? No. I’m not leaving until—no.” So I seriously got out of the car, went back in, pretended I left something (classic), found him, and made him walk me to car.

You know how it went from there.


This is really awkward. I’m literally posting this on the internet.

But basically, what I’m telling you is this.



The end.

Thank you, today, for teaching me a great lesson, and helping me realize that I have way more guts than I give myself credit for.

It all starts by—well—starting.

So whatever it is,

go after it.

Start by starting, and don’t back down until you get what you want.

Day 291.

Lesson #47: Fire.


If God placed it in you,

it’s not there on accident.

If you feel a burning inside of your belly,

If you feel it moving within you,

If you can’t stop yourself from doing,

from saying,

from thinking,

from being,

If you feel like this is it.

This is what I’m supposed to be.

This is what I’m supposed to do.

You’re right.

This is not by chance.

This is no mistake.

If it was, why does it keep coming back?

It happened again today.

That burning, that movement,

that fire,

It’s called passion.

It’s called purpose.

You can’t talk yourself out of this one.

You can try.

But something this big, something this powerful, it can’t be taken away. No one can take it away, not even you.

This fire in your belly, in your eyes, in your finger tips, in your toes,

is you.

You are fire.

Burn the world down.

Day Forty-Seven.