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Lesson #33: It all comes together.


I’m going to write you a little follow up lesson.

Or three.

Basically, as soon as I got out of school in May, I’ve been stressing and thinking and planning and plotting and buying and wishing and hoping and praying for today.

And not for the one reason I expected.

But for two.

One, I am finally laying in bed, moved into my first house.


I have finally found the answer to my big idea.

Let’s re-visit some lessons.

Shall we?

Exhibit A.

Lesson 16.

Perfect timing does exist.

I know this because when my answer came to me today, I knew it was the one.

And there was no doubt in my mind that it wasn’t perfect.

Exhibit B.

Lesson 18.


Because it makes a difference.

A huge difference.

They did know a thing or two that I didn’t. They did see it from a different angle. They did have better ideas, and better resources, more love, and more to offer.

And it helped me reach my answer.

Exhibit C.

Lesson 6.

Grow up, don’t grow down.

I hated the idea of growing up.

I think I still might a little.

(Hey, it’s a process)

Paying for rent, utilities, and a car I crashed into this summer absolutely sucked.

But I made it.

I’m here.

I’m on my step.


And I’m deciding to grow up, not grow down.

I made a promise to you and to myself that cool things are on the verge of happening.

When you begin to grow up, you don’t lose everything. You gain everything. Your life is growing and embellishing and unfolding in new ways.

And so is mine.

I’m in my first house, and as silly as it seems, the possibilities are endless.

Rent and gas are nothing compared to the memories i’ll be making with my roommates, the yummy recipes i’ll be learning how to cook (…or not), and the frolicking I’ll be doing around my room with no pants on because I can.

Growing up gets hard, but I’m going to enjoy it.

I’m going to bask in all it’s glory,

and laugh in it’s face.

So today,

This day,

It all came together.

This is just reaffirmation for you and for me that perfect timing does exist, that asking does make a difference, that growing up doesn’t have to mean growing down.

It all comes together.

Sometimes, quickly.

Other times?


But surely.

And that’s when it’s the best.

The most rewarding.

So today I’ve learned it all comes together. It really does.

You just have to believe it.

Day Thirty-Three.


Lessons Mentioned:

Lesson 16: Perfect timing does exist.

Lesson #18: Ask.

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