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“What is rest? A question from the girl with mono.” A guest lesson by Nikki Gregg.

I am one to work hard all the time, without stopping. A lot of us do. During the semester, my days were no shorter than thirteen hours. This summer my hours are just as long.

I work hard. I work hard all the time. I push myself to the limit and then crash when the semester ends or the midterms are over, but something happened this week that threw me a curveball. I was diagnosed with mono yesterday, which is forcing me to take time to slow down and truly rest.

I found out my sore throat, aching body, extreme exhaustion, and little appetite for the last week was more than the common cold, but a serious virus that will take me weeks or months to get over. While I was working at my internship and serving tables at a restaurant in the city, it wasn’t until a week after feeling terrible before making time to see a doctor.…who told me exactly how sick I am.

She told me I needed to rest, but seriously…what is rest? I have been so caught up in hard work so that I can be successful. I have to get this grade on this test. I need to get this job, this internship. If I don’t do this or this I won’t get into graduate school. The list goes on and on, and as time goes on… the days of rest, nights of relaxation, and my time to do things that give me joy have all become restricted from the limitation of time.

Well, now I have all the time in the world to figure out what rest looks like, feels like again. In our culture most of us don’t know what it means to fully rest. We go on little hours of sleep, and push ourselves so hard that we run ourselves down, and ignore what our bodies are telling us. We ignore needs like food, to make meetings and study for tests. I know someone who didn’t make enough time to shower during midterms of her freshman year. I remember one midterm week that I was so hysterical from sleep deprivation I was walking in circles around campus.

This is not normal. We need sleep. Food. Good Hygiene.

So while you may not have mono but if you feel run-down, exhausted, overwhelmed…join me in taking some time to rest for yourself. Your mind. Your body. Your overall health.

To be better, to be there for other people… we must take care of ourselves first.

-Lesson by Nikki Gregg-



Lesson #341: What working instead of getting sleep has taught me.


Every decision you make catches up to you.

So when it comes time to act, make sure it’s worth it.

Day 341.

Lesson #220: Naps or nah?


It is possible to take a nap at 6pm and sleep all the way through the night (because I didn’t think so).

Just for the record.

Day 220

Lesson #181: GAH


Once again, I’ve fallen asleep in the middle of writing a lesson.


I don’t know whether this means that I need more sleep, or I just need to write my lessons earlier.

Mostly, I’m thinking this is just telling me not to do my homework/write my lessons on the couch anymore.

It’s always the scene of the crime.

(Also, that it’s okay to mess up. That’ll happen over the course of 365 days, y’know.)

Day 181.

Lesson #83: Sometimes, you can’t just choose one.


Plan ahead and plan well; don’t just communicate, but communicate effectively; tyropita is always a good decision; it’s possible to lose someone, even if they are alive and well and standing right in front of you; cherish and love the moments with those closest to you, because no moments will ever be quite like it again; swallow your pride; superglue is an inanimate saint; sleep is more important than you realize; and “Wtf did I just do” moments will happen.

Sometimes, you can’t just choose one.

Day Eighty-Three.